Interactive sandbox-table is an educational complex which combines functions of an interactive sandbox and a touchscreen table. Augmented reality technology turns ordinary sand into earth's surface with lakes and mountains, volcanoes and valleys. Additional panels make it possible to conduct activities in touchscreen table mode.

  • Conduct effective activities that allow to reach different teaching goals
  • Teach children geography, constitution of earth, shapes and the world around
  • Improve children's memory, spatial orientation, maths and speech skills

Interactive table

An interactive table is an exciting learning experience in a playful way. Thanks to the touch surface, children are unobtrusively and playfully involved in the learning process. An interactive table complete with an interactive sandbox allows you to conduct all preschool educational programs using a "tactile" method of interaction, thereby increasing the effectiveness of learning. Suitable for group and individual teaching of children

Interactive SandBox and Table in kindergarten

Interactive sandbox and educational process

The interactive sandbox allows integrating educational areas and solving many pedagogical and correctional tasks for educators, speech therapists, psychologists, and speech pathologists. With the use of the complex, fascinating classes are built that correspond to calendar and thematic planning and the Educational Standard. Games in each mode develop fine motor skills, relieve psychoemotional tension, promote concentration of attention.

How does an interactive sandbox table develop a child?

Classes help to form a picture of the integrity of the world in children, broaden their horizons, develop cognitive research activities, memory, improve communication skills and speech, improve social adaptation. A variety of modes helps to create a lot of classes for the whole academic year on acquaintance with the surrounding world: animals, plants, space, geography.

Using an interactive sandbox in psychocorrection

You can use the interactive sandbox with children from one and a half years old. With an interactive sandbox, an individual route is built for the correction and rehabilitation of a child with ZPR, ZRR, DMR, ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome. The sandbox is effectively used in an individual, group format, as well as in family counseling.

Who can use?

  • 1Educator and Special Teachers

    it helps educators to create fascinating classes around the world, build friendly relationships between children, immerses them in the topic being studied, helps to consolidate the knowledge gained. Teachers use the interactive sandbox in the preschool throughout the school year, a variety of modes allow them to conduct classes in accordance with calendar and thematic planning.

  • 2Psychologist

    The sandbox helps psychologists to establish emotional contact with the child. It makes it possible to successfully work with children's aggression, anxiety, excitability and fears. Interactive sandbox helps to develop cognitive functioning, improve social adaptation of children. Relaxation sessions, family psychotherapy, counseling are comfortably conducted.

  • 3Defectologists and Speech therapists

    The sandbox gives defectologists the opportunity to expand the boundaries of psychocorrection, make classes more effective and interesting, and increase motivation to learn. With the help of an interactive sandbox, full-fledged correctional classes are held with special children.