Magium educational interactive complex combines sensomotor games and modern technology thus turning the floor into a touch-sensitive surface. Through play children develop their creativity and logic thinking, learn to construct and model, and they train their imagination. They improve their visual attention span as well as obtaining elementary mathematical concepts.

  • From now on familiar classes pass in an active form
  • Combines modern technology and geometric figures
  • Allows to conduct team and competition-based activities for up to 16 children at once
Modes which are included in the interactive floor kit and are aimed at the comprehensive development of children

Magical Magium Floor


Develops the child's speech, sensory and memory

Looking glass

Develops visual attention, logical thinking, communication skills, fine motor skills of hands and tactile sensations


Develops innovative thinking, creativity and imagination in children


Develops numeracy and logical thinking skills


For an early age. Forms the ability to distinguish objects by shape and name them


+Additional games islands more for developing physical activities, skills and knowledge

Who can use?

  • 1Physical education instructor

    Teach children in a moving form

  • 2Educator

    Promote the development of curiosity, imagination and creative activity

  • 3Psychologist

    Ensure the social adaptation of the child and his team interaction skills

  • 4Speech therapists

    Develop grammatically correct speech and verbal creativity

  • 5Defectologists

    Correct and develop higher mental functions