Interactive climbing wall is an educational play structure that combines innovative technologies, learning methodics and physical activity. Being involved in the climbing wall activities, children move along a vertical surface. They learn to distinguish colors and shapes as well as improve their logic skills and build contacts with other children during the activities. The structure meets all the relevant safety regulations.

  • Learn colours, shapes, form and improve mathematical skills
  • Children develop reaction, agility, body motility, healthy muscular system
  • Teach children team work and competitive skills

Interactive climbing wall in kindergarten

Interactive climbing wall and educational process

Training using an interactive climbing wall provides favorable conditions for simultaneous mental and physical development. The interactive climbing wall is aimed at creating an environment for healthy and comprehensive physical activity.

Interactive climbing wall and child development

The climbing wall helps to develop dexterity and coordination of movements, strengthens all muscle groups. Interactive sports games for different range of ages develop logic, attention, help children consolidate knowledge about colors, shapes and learn to count.

Interactive climbing wall in correctional pedagogy

The teacher can choose the appropriate level of difficulty of the game for each individual characteristics of the child. Interactive climbing walls are successfully used in classes with children with limited health opportunities due to problems of psychomotor development.

Who can use?

  • 1Physical education instructor

    An interactive climbing wall will make every physical education lesson interesting and exciting, create conditions for improving physical skills, help develop dexterity and strengthen different muscle groups, and become an effective tool for improving cognitive functioning.

  • 2Educator and Special Teachers

    Educators can diversify morning exercises or spend an exciting physical education minute. During the game, children consolidate their knowledge about the world around them: about colors, shapes, sizes of objects, hone their skills of fast counting and purposeful attention switching.

  • 3Psychologist

    An interactive climbing wall will be a great addition to the sensory room. It allows you to relieve physical and emotional stress through play, develops thinking, memory and attention.